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Antibacterial foam cleanser and eye makeup remover for pre and post lash extension care

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♥ Antibacterial foam cleanser and eye makeup remover for pre and post lash extension care ♥

With over three years experience in the industry these are the most common frequent questions I am asked about cleaning lashes:

“Why should I clean my lashes?”

Dirty lashes will break down lash glue which will cause the bond between the extension and the natural lash to become weak, this resulting in your lash extensions falling off sooner.

“When should I clean my lashes?”

You should clean your lashes 2-3 times per week with Dreamlash UK Lash Bath ONLY, if you have oily skin then cleansing is advised 4-5 times per week instead.

“I’m scared to get my extensions wet!”

Please do not be scared to get your extensions wet!! (providing this is 48hr after application). Clean lashes will last longer than dirty lashes! If any extensions fall out whilst cleansing this is not because they are being cleaned but because the bond between the natural lash and the extension has already broken down prior to the lash bath.

“How do I dry my lashes?”

You can blow dry your lashes with a hair dryer on a LOW/COOL setting or simply leave them to air dry.

My Lash Bath has been specifically designed for sensitive eyes – meaning there’s no burn/ sting even when the eyes are open! This is something I trialed for months to ensure the no sting formula as I have used so many different cleansers in the past and all have stung my eyes or left them feeling sore. The cleanser can be used as a make up remover also, so after a long day of wearing make up, pop a couple of squirts in your palms and rub together then rub around the eyes to remove any brow/ eye products, cleansing the lashes at the same time.

Girls, please remember to clean your lashes,

Daniella ♥


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